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If we consider the complexities contained even in the simplified treatment of this Ava Devine contrast of tense above, it is inconceivable that everything that could be subsumed under these item headings could be taught in one year. In fact a big tits teacher would not even attempt to cover everything. He would teach the use of the progressive as exemplified by big ass and the simple as exemplified by wet pussy. He will do this because these are the uses most commonly taught in beginners’ books.

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In practice such was certainly the intention of the authors of the syllabus. There is no admission that there is any difficulty in the complex interaction between these general uses and the lexical meaning of verbs that leads us to the simple form where the progres­sive form might be expected, as in brazzers movie.

There is no preparation for the confusion of the learner who discovers that in sentences like the progressive apparently has identical meaning to the simple, or that in the one common situation in which we actually talk about what we are simultaneously doing we use – not the progressive as he will have been led to believe, but the simple tense as in 13.


He will not be ready for the fact that the uttering of progressive forms need not be simultaneous with the event described, nor that simple forms are used not so much to describe habits as to make statements that characterize the subject. Eventually he will need to learn that the present forms of the verb can be used to refer not only to the present but also to the past, as in the so-called ‘historical’ use, and to the future as movie with Ava Devine.

Professor Devine Lesson

Check this amazing mature beauty. Ava Devine is the new teacher on the block. She’s been having trouble with C-lo who’s been nothing but trouble for her in her class. She discussed her issue with the other teachers who’s had him before and they all suggested the same thing. That she keep him after class and talk to him. But the teachers also told her to do one more thing …fuck the shit out of him. So thats what she did she sucked his cock and then fucked him on the window sill, on the floor and on her desk.

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Ava Devine Anal

Usually when you think about a mom words like horny, nympho and cock addict don�t come to mind. But thanks to this week�s mother, things will never be the same. Her name is Ava Devine and by just looking at her you can tell she is a hot MILF with great huge cans and a Ass Parade worthy butt. But once you sit down with her and engage on a conversation, you will quickly realize you�re dealing with a freak. She took control from the start and wanted Jmac to fuck her in the ass instead of the puss.

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A quick clean up

Check this out: Ms. Devine was tired of her son being late for school but she didn’t mind if his friend Criss stayed behind to sober up after a couple beers. Next thing he knows he’s in the house alone with a hot ass maid. The worst thing is that Ava caught them in the act and was jealous, so she insisted joining them.

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This Milf likes it dirty

New hot scene with our favourite MILF Mrs. Devine, what a body, what a face and what a slut. She knows how to suck a dick you can tell she also prides herself in her dick taking abilities . Mr.Long was surprised when his buddy showed up for the same date. When it came down to it, Ralph came out on top with the biggest dick.

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Sexy Hospital

Mr Hardwood gets caught off guard when Dr. Vanessa tells him that she needs to check his prostate. He refuses to get a finger up his ass so Dr. Vanessa calls up her favorite nurse, Ava Devine, to help her demostrate to their patient that having something up his ass is nothing to be afraid of. Such demostration gets Dr. Vanessa and nurse Devine turned on as their patient is so glad to be in the right place at the right time.

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Pipe-ing Hot!

Oh my god! Busty MILF Ava Devine has the house to herself, and she’s been craving a big cock all morning! Her busy husband isn’t “equipped” for the job so she calls up Joe’s Plumbing – and Joe Blow himself shows up to help her with her “pipe” problems. I don’t know about her sink leaking, but her pussy is soaking wet once Joe starts laying his big pipe down.

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